Bordrek Fangshield

Dwarven Druid seeking to reconnect with the world he has always felt cut-off from.



STR: 16 (14 +2 racial)

DEX: 14

MIND: 16

HP: 22 (16 + 6)

AC: 16 (10 + 2 DEX + 4 Armor)


Lt. Wooden Shield (+1 AC, 1d6 shield bash)

Handaxe (1d6 damage)

Studded Leather Armor (+3 AC)

Standard Adventuring Gear


+2 STR


Skill Bonus – +2 to Knowledge and Survival skill rolls.

Naturespeak – Ability to converse with and/or glean small pieces of information from plants and animals.

Call of the Wild – Petition the spirits of nature to come to the aid of you and your party, though the results are as random as nature itself. Usable 3 + MIND bonus times per day.

Unique Trait:

Herbalist – Given the proper supplies, you can combine plantmatter into useful salves, potions, and ointments. These can be used to heal hit point damage, detoxify an ally of poison, and even help cure disease. Supplies will not always be plentiful, however.


Bordrek always felt a connection with the earth beneath his feet beyond all else, despite his innate affinity for plants and animals. This connection always stopped, however, at the Wall. For years, Bordrek has been a member of the Wilderness Guard for the city, helping to strike the balance with animal population, hunting limits, and the like. It was a good life, but generally boring and unfulfilling overall. Now, given the chance to walk beyond the bounds of the wall that has so long contained him, Bordrek can finally live unrestrained.

Bordrek Fangshield

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